The Frugal Witch

May 30, 2008

Garden Coming Together

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Today consisted of getting planted Strawberry Popcorn, Tom Thumb Popcorn, 6 different pole and bush beans, our strawberry plants planted, our melon, cuke and squash plants planted and weeding done in the bed where our sweet corn is planted. The final 2 small beds, the one for the girls and the 2 small herb beds had their fanal touched finished today too so every bed is ready for planting if it hasn’t already been. I don’t have pictures today for 2 reasons, #1 planting got finished just as Thor began raining the land, and #2 I need new camera batteries. Pictures probably Monday.

I made the calls today and Tuesday we load up the girls and the pickup crate and go 2 hours south to Litchfield to pick up our Boer buck and our Alpine nannie, then to Rice on the way home to pick up our Boer nannie and her 2 doe kids for the ride home…fencing needs finishing this weekend. The Alpine is milking about a gallon a day, I’m told! It is going to be thrilling not to have to buy soy or cow milk anymore. I’ll expose the Alpine immediately to the Boer buck so hopefully I’ll have some more kids down the road! Thrilling! The cost for all 5 goats is $450. Not too shabby. There is only one buckthorn in their reach that needs removing so they don’t eat it. Other than that, they’ll be golden in their pen. Again, I’ll have photos of them after they arrive. THRILLING!! Spring is here and everything around us is growing!


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