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May 20, 2008

Meet Yogi

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Yogi is a great boy we adopted yesterday. He is 1/2 white shepherd and 1/2 white lab. He is 15 months old so still young enough to be trained in the rules of the homestead. There has only been one barking incident early this morning so that is a great thing! He is already protective and mindful of the girls. The plan had been to build his doghouse but ROb found one up at the Hackensack hardware store, made of cedar and insulated for $130. It’s a great house and priced right considering what it might have cost us to manufacture something similar.

I am uploading some videos at the moment so there shall be something to view later. Videos consist of chicks, foraging, the dog, a fleur garden and more chicks(one with a crooked toe that needs fixing using a pipe cleaner and med tape.)

SIlkies are hatching-everyone is hatching, really, so more chick videos are coming in the next few days. we are picking up a freecycled swingset for the girls today, measuring and plotting for the goat pen and housing and goats are coming in the next 2 weeks time. Sannens and Boers, possibly some pygmies for the fun of it 😉 It’s busy busy busy here!!


May 6, 2008

Raised Beds

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Rob is gung-ho over raised beds. I had put in mounds last year and they worked nicely, but I am on board with Rob on the raised beds. Opportunity for deeper beds, stronger and longer roots and better food. Here is the video I took today of Rob getting some of the beds in:

The soil temp is about 8 degrees less than the needed 60 degrees. By next week, maybe sooner after laying black plastic down, planting outside shall commence! good thing too because our tomato transplants from Seed Savers should be here tomorrow.

It’s going to be busy here in the next few days. I am still recovering from a mild concussion this past Saturday, so I am not much help right now, but I do what I can. Off to go make spaghetti. Have frugal fun tonight!

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