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June 27, 2008

Self Employment

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So a great part about being self employed is that I am (and Rob is…) as free as can be in what I desire to do. I have been making something great, well, a couple of great things off and on for the past few years and I have recently decided to open up and start as an offering to the Pagan Community.

So my announcement: I am now taking custom orders for Ritual Garment construction and for my unique, handmade, hand designed Goddess flags.

Here are some photos:

I’ll have more photos as I create more. I also intend to make children’s garments too. My specialty is really Robes, Capes, Cape-lets, Tunics, Gowns and the flags of course. The next series of flags are going to be different and are in development presently. The prices for ritual garments vary based on a number of factors. The flag costs are: $35 for one flag, (commissioned only, I have no intention of breaking up sets) $225 for an entire series of seven. Each series is different, unique and handmade. I leave edges raw and just kind of sew then how I feel the energy coming through the piece.

For garments or flags, please contact me at

I can provide price quotations, fabric options, take commission requests and anything else you or I can think of!

So that is my latest addition to my self employment status. Serving the Pagan Community with quality made garments for ritual or everyday!


June 19, 2008

Meet the Goats and New Chickens

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Pippen-Alpine Billy-rather bashful

Brandon-Boer Billy

Tulip-Alpine Nanny

White Legs-Alpine Nanny-She doesn’t have white legs

Fresh goat milk

Rob milking on the stanchion he built from just a peek at a picture in an old book. I think he did a fantastic job!

Black Jap Roosters- I have never heard of  this breed. Anyone have a link on any info?

A random bantam breed. The gal I got them from couldn’t remember the name of the breed but they are pure bred. Any ideas? I am going to do a search tonight.

Ant these three fellas get the ax tonight.

Off to buy freezer paper. As soon as I get videos loaded I’ll post those too!

Holy Smokes!

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It’s been a few days I guess huh? Okay so here is the update (photos and video shall follow later, probably tonight…)

Goats: there are four, not five. I managed to get a great Alpine Billy for $50. His name is Pippen. Then 2 days ago we drove 2.5 hours to get three more goats: Alpine Nanny named Tulip, Alpine Nanny named White Legs and a Boer Billy named Brandon. They have all had hemp collars With bells made and affixed, are happy and loving their new home.

The nannies are milking a gallon per day so into cheese making full throttle we go. I have 2 gallons in my fridge right now so I’m going to pick up some plain yogurt tonight so I can make yogurt from the next milking this evening.

I think that’s about it.

Nope, I lied. I have to go pick up 6 more chickens off of Freecycle this afternoon. 4 bantam something (she didn’t know) and 2 Black Jap roosters (I have never heard of this breed, have you?)

OFf to much to chicken coop and move the roos to their own space for the summer….videos and photos later.

June 4, 2008

Critter Update

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