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June 27, 2008

Self Employment

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So a great part about being self employed is that I am (and Rob is…) as free as can be in what I desire to do. I have been making something great, well, a couple of great things off and on for the past few years and I have recently decided to open up and start as an offering to the Pagan Community.

So my announcement: I am now taking custom orders for Ritual Garment construction and for my unique, handmade, hand designed Goddess flags.

Here are some photos:

I’ll have more photos as I create more. I also intend to make children’s garments too. My specialty is really Robes, Capes, Cape-lets, Tunics, Gowns and the flags of course. The next series of flags are going to be different and are in development presently. The prices for ritual garments vary based on a number of factors. The flag costs are: $35 for one flag, (commissioned only, I have no intention of breaking up sets) $225 for an entire series of seven. Each series is different, unique and handmade. I leave edges raw and just kind of sew then how I feel the energy coming through the piece.

For garments or flags, please contact me at

I can provide price quotations, fabric options, take commission requests and anything else you or I can think of!

So that is my latest addition to my self employment status. Serving the Pagan Community with quality made garments for ritual or everyday!


May 5, 2008


You’ll notice that the previous posts have been removed. I am giving this blog a makeover. As Rob and I are both at home working, doing our farm building, self sustaining action, etc. this blog is going to chronicle our weekly, sometimes daily goings on in building our life in the manner we see the world around us. I’ll be posting about everything from our rabbit adventures, our organic market gardens, the chicks I have hatching as I type this post, kids growing up in the forest, butchering animals, foraging for wild foods (we have an abundance in our forests!) frugal living in our menus, etc. etc. I may even throw in a video or two from time to time. Such as this afternoon. I am going out today to take video of our 5 rabbits to introduce them to you, take you on a tour of the chicken coop, a bit of video of Rob putting in the raised beds and a bit of video of the chicks we hatched from our birds.

A little about our chickens. So far the birds we have procured have been gotten for free off of Freecycle from a lady who needed to be rid of them as she couldn’t take care of them anymore. There were 2 that had been purchased for $5 each from a local organic farmer and one hen that I had rescued from a fellow farmgirl. So all told our flock consisted of 18. After one has been butchered and 2 escaped and got eaten by someone else, now 15 remain. Eggs have been gathered from them to hatch in still air incubators and some have been left to be hen hatched. So far 4 have hatched. One pipped but died so there could have been 5. I think there are 6 more of our birds to hatch out.

So after getting into the hatching game, a bug seriously bit us both. Online I ventured to find some pure breeds. I ended up getting Plymouth Barred Rock, Red Dorking Bantam, Silkies, Buttercups and Black Langshans. Those eggs are all still in the incubators and all here are thrilled for them to hatch. As they are our pure breeds, we plan to build separate living spaces for them from our mutt chickens. Three of our mutt chickens, a roo and 2 hens are going as homewarming gifts to some friends of ours who just put up and moved into a tipi. Sort of a get you started small flock.

The pure breeds that had been chosen were chosen because of their beautiful show qualities, some of them are pretty docile and some of them are super broody. All are good meat and egg birds, sans the bantams as they have tiny eggs.

So join us on our frugal life adventure! Feel free to leave comments, opinions, recommendations, etc. If you have a frugal living, farm living, organic living blog, a pagan farm blog, business or whathaveyou, let me know and I’ll link it.

One last venture for our farm life that I am working on is a podcast of farm living. That is a few weeks out yet though….but keep your eyes and ears open!

Spring is here and there is a lot to do….off to make a couple of videos for your enjoyment!!

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