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June 27, 2008

Self Employment

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So a great part about being self employed is that I am (and Rob is…) as free as can be in what I desire to do. I have been making something great, well, a couple of great things off and on for the past few years and I have recently decided to open up and start as an offering to the Pagan Community.

So my announcement: I am now taking custom orders for Ritual Garment construction and for my unique, handmade, hand designed Goddess flags.

Here are some photos:

I’ll have more photos as I create more. I also intend to make children’s garments too. My specialty is really Robes, Capes, Cape-lets, Tunics, Gowns and the flags of course. The next series of flags are going to be different and are in development presently. The prices for ritual garments vary based on a number of factors. The flag costs are: $35 for one flag, (commissioned only, I have no intention of breaking up sets) $225 for an entire series of seven. Each series is different, unique and handmade. I leave edges raw and just kind of sew then how I feel the energy coming through the piece.

For garments or flags, please contact me at

I can provide price quotations, fabric options, take commission requests and anything else you or I can think of!

So that is my latest addition to my self employment status. Serving the Pagan Community with quality made garments for ritual or everyday!


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